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Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Browse AEMS's library of advocacy resources. We are frequently updating this page, so check back often to find general and policy-specific arts education advocacy resources! Explore our resources below or for other curated advocacy materials, check out these specific pages with resources for different members of Maryland's vibrant arts education ecosystem.

AEMS-created Resources (more coming soon!)
Arts Education 101 Checklist
COMAR Basics
Speak Up for the Arts 1-pager
Change the Language!
Arts Education Advocacy 101s

Americans for the Arts (AFTA) Resources

Use the collapsible menu below to navigate through resources from Americans for the Arts (AFTA). The series of e-books is designed to help educators, students, and advocates alike navigate the complex field of arts education. Each e-book in the covers a specific topic, ensuring arts education supporters like you are equipped with the knowledge, statistics, and case-making techniques needed to effectively communicate with decision-makers.

Arts Education Navigator (2013) #1: Getting Started
Arts Education Navigator (2013) #2: Facts & Figures
Arts Education Navigator (2013) #3: Making the Case
Arts Education Navigator (2013) #4: Mobilizing Support
ArtsEd Leader's Guide (2020)
Make Connections

Use the collapsible menu below to find links to organizations and offices involved in the arts education policy. It is important to create and support community to mobilize for change, and to know who are the key players in change-making.

Statewide Connections
District-Level Connections: Local Teacher Associations
District-Level Connections: Local Boards of Education
Local PTAs and Advocacy Orgs.

Case-Making & Resource Blogs

Use the list below to browse these routinely-updated blog feeds for the latest articles and resources on the benefits of arts education, trends in arts education policy, advocacy tip, and more!

  • International Arts + Mind Lab: A regularly updated blog with studies and articles on how the arts support brain health

  • Arts Education Partnership (AEP): Arts Ed Amplified Blog

  • Arts ARE Education (ARE) Blog: blog for a national campaign in support of arts education for all students

  • Arts Education Partnership (AEP): ArtsEd Digest: AEP’s bi-monthly newsletter highlighting news from AEP partner organizations and the field, including reports, research and job opportunities.

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