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AEMS’s Arts Education Data Update

Arts education data plays a critical role in advancing AEMS’ mission. 

In order to ensure that all public school children receive the high quality arts education they are entitled to, we need to have transparent and accessible information about the current status of arts education in schools across the state. To successfully advocate for policy changes and increased funding, we need evidence that helps make the case that the arts are essential and beneficial for children. To support arts educators and administrators, we need a clear understanding of the challenges they face and the resources they most need. Data allows us to make informed and strategic decisions about our programming and how we can best serve our arts education community.  

Since the summer of 2019, part of AEMS’s work on arts education data involved piloting a data platform called artlook® Maryland, a platform created by Ingenuity, Inc. The goal of this project was to map and provide comprehensible access to arts education access across the state. In December 2021, after analyzing feedback from our arts education community and learning more about the total parameters of the platform, AEMS decided not to move artlook® Maryland out of the pilot stage. AEMS deeply appreciates all the time and energy our community invested in artlook® Maryland and we look forward to transitioning to a project that is a better fit for our ecosystem.



AEMS remains committed to pursuing arts education data initiatives that help advance our mission. Stay tuned for updates about our next steps and upcoming projects!


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