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Statewide Collaborators

AEMS’s  collaborations allow us to work on structural issues affecting Maryland’s public education system that we might otherwise not have an opportunity to address. Ultimately, these collaborations are an opportunity to learn from those with diverse expertise and to support students, families, and educators in Maryland.


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AEMS is a member of the following coalitions and groups that allow us to work alongside organizations in the broader education field and support local work.

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The Maryland Education Coalition (MEC) represents parents, civil rights, & special student population groups. For over 40 years MEC has advocated for adequate, equitable resources and systematic accountability for the estimated 900,000 public school students in Maryland’s public schools regardless of their academic, cultural, economic, geographic, racial or other demographic status.

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The Blueprint Coalition is a large group of education advocates that worked together to ensure that House Bill 1300/Senate Bill 1000 (known as The Blueprint or Kirwan) passed and was fully funded. This piece of legislation was a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform Maryland’s public education system to make it better serve our students, teachers, and communities.


Baltimore City Public Schools in partnership with Arts Every Day launched the Baltimore Arts Education Initiative (BAEI) in Fall 2017 in response to the decline of arts education access districtwide. Thanks to the efforts of over 100 educators, advocates, arts partners, parents, students, district, and city leaders, the BAEI Committee Members created a comprehensive Arts Education Strategic Plan and measurable implementation goals. Under the superb leadership of Superintendent Dr. Sonja Santelises, City Schools adopted the Strategic Plan as a part of its “Blueprint for Success”. BAEI sought to take advantage of unprecedented policy changes and conversations happening at the federal, state, and local levels to re-incorporate arts education as a core education discipline in preK-12 education. 


CEASOM’s Mission is to promote the continuous improvement of education  through public awareness and the collaboration of its organizational members which are essential to providing high quality and equitable education to the students of Maryland. The Goals of CEASOM are to:

  • Provide opportunities to member organizations to coordinate all aspects of education and to work together to foster cohesive actions through collaboration and information sharing.

  • Strengthen and improve the quality of education programs throughout Maryland through continuous and relevant professional development of teachers, education leaders, and all education professionals.

  • Serve as a statewide advocate for high quality education and the promotion of best practices and fiscal responsibility.

  • Articulate, publicize, and communicate education goals and needs to local and state education stakeholders, and develop alliances with advocates who share a commitment to continuously improve education in Maryland.


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